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...was founded in 1986 as an agricultural information and analysis institute. Today, we are an innovative and leading corporation for analysis services suited in the heart of Europe.

Our laboratories are specialised in a wide range of areas of agricultural, environmental and food analysis, all working in close cooperation. They are using the state of the art equipment and communication technology. The basis is an effective system of sample transportation, laboratory work and data processing.

Our goal is to deliver reliable results on time at competitive terms.



History of the AGROLAB Laboratory Group:



September 1986: Founding of the AGROLAB Labor für landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungen GmbH in 85416 Oberhummel by three partners.

1992 Founding of the location: AGROLAB, Boden- und Pflanzenberatungsdientes GmbH, Oberdorla (Thuringia)

1995 Acquisition of the location for water and pollutants analyses Dr. Blasy - Dr. Busse GmbH in Eching at the Ammersee (Bavaria), including the laboratory location Dr. Blasy – Dr. Busse GmbH Chemnitz

Since 1995, the holding has co-ordinated: AGROLAB Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen in Landwirtschaft und Umwelt GmbH as owner of the independent laboratory locations, and aims to present a unified AGROLAB profile to customers.

1996 Founding of the AGROLAB joint laboratory, Fresenius and Ökometrik Zentrum für Dioxinanalytik GmbH (ZfD), in Bayreuth

1999 Acquisition of the location Bodenuntersuchungs-Institut Koldingen GmbH in Burgwedel near Hanover

2001 Acquisition of the Austrian Umweltlabor Dr. Axel Begert GmbH (environmental laboratory)

2001 Acquisition of the environmental laboratory: Analytik für Wasserchemie Vogtland GmbH (AWV) in Plauen (Saxony)

2001 Acquisition of the hazardous waste laboratory Allchem GmbH in Magdeburg and its integration in the Koldingen institute

2001 Acquisition of the location LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel

2002 Acquisition of the city laboratory Stadtlabor Kiel and its integration in the LUFA-ITL GmbH location

2004 Investment in the Tauw-Laboratory C.V. (order and hazardous waste laboratory in the Netherlands)

2005 Change of name from "Tauw-Laboratory C.V." to "AL-West C.V."

2005 Acquisition of the location AGROLAB Stuttgart; former laboratoy of wave GmbH

2006 Moving LUFA-ITL GmbH from Gutenbergstraße 75-77 to Dr.-Hell-Str. 6 in Suchsdorf (Kiel)

2006 Moving from AGROLAB Labor GmbH and AGROLAB GmbH from Oberhummel to the new building in Bruckberg

2006 Moving from Institut Koldingen GmbH in Brugwedel to Sarstedt

2006 Acquisition of AGROLAB Turkey by integration of Tetralab in Istanbul

2006 Acquisition of laboratory Innolab and moving from Harburg to Bruckberg

2007 Acquisition of the Polish laboratory EUROCONTROL in Warsaw

2008 Acquisition of Spanish laboratory group "Laboratorios VIDAL"